25 or 6 to 4

Freelancing isn't always as glamorous as we think. Take tonight for instance. It's 2:16 AM and my video finally finished exporting. Assuming the client likes it, I can go to sleep knowing this job is done. Tomorrow I'll get up, send the video to my client, prep my gear for two gigs on Saturday and Sunday, go to the rehearsal for the Saturday gig, and then finally make it back to sleep probably around 10-11PM.

I think the take away for me is that I have to always remember that even when you are doing what you love, you will inevitably run into days where you're client didn't like your first edit, you have to stay up late into the night, and will inevitably be a little miserable.

This is ok.

Remember, anything worth having is rarely easy to obtain. Be encouraged to do what you love, no matter how hard it is. You didn't choose this because it was easy. You chose this because you loved it.


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