Film is What Takes Us Back.

He stood there looking at me, the microphone in his hand. He tried to speak but words wouldn't come out. He was breathing so heavily. finally his voice cracked as he said my name.

It's an ancient debate. Do I pay for photos or video at my wedding?

To look at a photograph, is to remember a moment and some of the details surrounding it and to be comforted by those memories. And we're thankful for the moment, the photo, and everything it brings to mind.

But memory fades.

When we watch a film, it tells us what happened. We hear our loved ones' voices, we see smiles break across their faces and instead of remembering we are reminded of the entirety of what has passed. We can see our father's face and hear is labored breathing as he nervously delivers the speech he had waited to give for 20 years. And we're thankful because our memory had faded and now it's been refreshed.

Photos are an every day reminder of a feeling. Film is what we go to after 50 years when we want to remember the truth of a time that is past.

So which to buy? I would say both.

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